Hello, we are Visuals


Visuals is a creative micro-agency in Innovation Lab with a mission to add life to your ideas and digital solutions. From pencil lines to mouse clicks we develop visual materials for web and print. In Visuals we love to create. We draw and color, design and animate to turn your concepts into tangible products.

We love to tell stories. Being a part of Innovation Lab,  we focus on creating designs that encourage conversation. By means of visual depiction we aim to improve communication between you and your customer, between you and your employees and co-workers. Find out more about our products and creative process below.


Illustrations & Infographics
Spice up your website, magazine, presentation or even your surroundings with engaging visualizations!


2D animations
Explain and present your company, new product or an exciting idea in dynamic motion graphic video!


Turn your ideas into tangible and convincing visual representation to improve your presentation!


Understand your customer and take a step towards better communication!



Innovation Lab


Innovation Lab’s unique strength lies in a broad, up-to-date and internationally founded knowledge in technology, users and business. We use this knowledge to make current developments relevant and useful, so we and our partners can translate them into concrete actions and valuable new products and services.

Since 2003 , we have built an international network of close to 2500 contacts in research, product development and entrepreneurship. The network is our ” antenna association”, through which we gain an overview of what’s coming , what technologies and trends can be used, and who is furthest with what. Where our own expertise is insufficient, we are usually able to connect to the most updated personalities worldwide. Our insight gives us a fairly accurate idea of what will affect our lives in organizations throughout the next 2-3 years.

Visit Innovation Lab’s website: www.innovationlab.net



meet the team


Visuals is a team of two illustrators/graphic designers Agne and Dite.  With background in Multimedia Design and Digital Concept development we both are not only huge art enthusiasts,  but also have a great insight into the world of Digital.

Service Design and User Experience has formed a great part of our specialization, that often reflect in our designs, creative solutions and development process.

When Visuals are not occupied by everyday's design process, we are working on our latest passion project Creative Aarhus focusing on local creative community and simply great design.

some of Our clients