User profile

User profiles or personas are representations of your customer types based on a research and customers observation. They are fictional characters that have deeper qualities and characteristics that reflect personal attributes such as needs, habits, character, pain, etc.

It is common that companies tend to be internally focused, therefore personas open up a broader customer-centric perspective. Using User profiles as a tool will benefit a wide range of company’s departments and will lead to increasing results.

Developing products focusing on the user allows to find a potential solution for fulfilling its needs much easier.  As a result, 90% of companies using Personas have been able to create a clearer understanding of who buyers are.

take a user-centric approach

Online marketing generated opportunities increased by 73% with persona-based content approach


customer journey

A customer journey map is a visual representation of user's steps through the process of completing an action. It helps to understand and define customer needs, pains and main actions.

Customer journey is a combination of storytelling, when the story of customer achieving goals is defined and visualization. There are several ways of possible visualizations - detailed maps, blueprint or our favorite - creating a visual image story of combined User profile and it’s goals.

Developing and visualizing a customer journey gives a power to convey information in memorable, easily understandable way that helps to see the big image.

Get the most out of user-centric approach

Understand your customers
Putting User profiles in action enhance the concrete thinking and tendency to better relate to tangible examples. It helps to build empathy and will allow to understand what are the best ways to reach your customer and solve his problems.
Design for customers
Take a user-centric approach and create products and deliverables that fit your customer needs, exceed their expectations. Create memorable experiences and loyal customer base that value your products.
Improve experience and sales
Spot your customer pains and gains using customer profile and journey map visualizations. Understand motivations and base your product development, marketing and sales decisions upon your user needs.

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