Two years can be considered both long and short, but when you are a startup that means two years of constant infusion and search of information, that you not only need, but also want to take in. That leads to the services you offer becoming even more qualitative each time. The path that we chose as a creative agency took us from making something fun to creating value and positive experience for people working with us. This is how we ended up having the most “wanted” product at the moment – explainer videos.

Lets jump forward and see what making explainers taught us during the last two years!

Great product doesn’t mean great sales

It is not a secret that having an amazing idea, developing it and putting all the possible effort in creating an outstanding product does not mean that people will suddenly start buying it. It might be frustrating, it might be not fair, but nothing can be achieved without marketing what you have created. Besides, it has to be done in a smart way! Along with an informative website and constant social media presence, do not forget that visuals are more powerful than thousand words. That is where an explainer does its job – it can be used to promote your product in all the possible mediums and in combination of visuals + voiceover tell more than a full page of text just in a few seconds.

If they just knew…

… what an amazing product you are selling! A great bunch of our clients shared with us that not even all of their colleagues from the same company know everything about the product they develop. Making an explainer is such a great moment to finally make that push and translate what you do in 200 words!

If you struggle to explain, how should your clients understand?

Explainer can explain anything

As funny as it sounds, but explainers can explain even themselves! It is just a matter of your needs to choose what it should be about – concept, company, values, usability or anything else. Simple as that.

Hitting “Learn more” button

These two years taught us that it does not matter if you are a tech or medical company, your customers need to be engaged in order to continue seeking information about you. There is little chance that in those few seconds that you have to attract their attention online they will spend reading your “About” page. You have to grab them fast and strong!

Taking in consideration that video content is booming and analyzing our own shared posts, we can see that explainers engage audience at least a few times more than links to different articles. It gets liked and shared, leaving other content way behind and becoming one of the safest investments you can make.

Trust statistics

We tend to believe in things only after testing and now it is the time to agree with statistics – 30-90 seconds rules! Engagement is closely related to time and after making a bunch of explainers we can see that there is a clear time limit for viewers interest. Also, simple is better and that applies not only in life, but also in explainer videos world. Do you want to promote a complex web system? Convert it into an animated story with an example of your potential customer taking all the benefits out of using it!

Tripled experience

The last realization that sums up two years is the importance of developing a consistent universe around the brand. It is great to have an online presence and both digital and physical advertising material. But it is even greater when it corresponds to the visual identity of the brand! Keeping up with the company’s colors and style creates a constant reminder of your product to the customer and triples the effect.

Every step matters and never forget to spread the awareness!

Check out our portfolio to see examples of explainer videos or get a quote for your next project!