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Collaboration continues and together with Tune Nyborg (Periskop), Visuals created already the second silent animation for Aarhus University Hospital, Reumatoligisk Ambulatorium.
Followed by the positive responses from previous video, the new animation has a purpose to encourage people cancel their appointment in case they cannot attend it. It is displayed in the waiting rooms of the hospital, informing patients about the reason they should not miss an appointment unannounced and possible ways to cancel it.


Canceling is important

It sometimes happens that due one or another reason you cannot attend the doctor appointment in the hospital. While staff is preparing the equipment and getting ready, you decide to call tomorrow and reschedule the meeting. But did you know that not canceling your appointment causes wasted time of doctor and another patient waiting behind the door, as well as costs a lot of money for the hospital? By making one call or writing a short e-mail you could help to avoid a trouble and pointless expenses!


Reaching the audience

An animation in this case engages people and sends the message in a positive, yet powerful way. Visuals tend to be memorized much easier than text or words - according to statistics, 80% of viewers recall a video ad they have seen in the past 30 days. Having in mind, that a lot of patients come to the hospital regularly, there is a big chance, that the next time their plan changes, the animation they saw in the waiting room previous time will be remembered. To double the effect, every patient receives a card with canceling details from Reumatoligisk Ambulatorium.

Don’t forget to cancel your appointment in case of not being able to attend the next doctor appointment of yours!