Animation SILENT- MOVIE style

This time Visuals in collaboration with Tune Nyborg (Periskop) had  to address an unusual and fun challenge - to create an explainer animation without a spoken narrative.

The animation will be displayed in waiting rooms of Reumatologisk Ambulatorium and it has to inform patients about the new digitalised concept, encouraging them to discuss this opportunity during the doctor appointment.

New digital service - your Time Saver

Why wait in lines and regularly waste your precious time when there is a new great alternative?

Before the “Telemedicin” service,  arthritis patients had to attend scheduled check-ups several times a year and fortunately, in most of the cases the health condition of patients is good.

This new service eases the usual communication between doctors and patients by taking mandatory scheduled visits out of the equation.  Instead patients receive a questionnaire that can determine whether or not a doctors appointment is necessary.

Find out more about this new service by watching our animation!


Telling the story through character design

Character design is an essential stage in animation production. Characters have the power to  captivate the audience and build the connection with the viewer.

When designing a character, it is important to know who your story is addressed to. Character is usually more effective if viewer can identify himself with the features, personality or the issue character faces. To achieve the best result an extensive knowledge in your target audience - its qualities and needs - is significant.


Various roles of characters

Animated characters can not only represent a specific target group, they are also a fantastic  mean of conveying the identity of your brand or organisation - your values and tone of voice.

In the animation for Reumatologisk Ambulatorium Doctor’s character had the role of representing the medical institution. His appearance, actions and features express care, kindness and professionalism in his work.


Reumatologisk Ambulatorium has a wide diversity in patients. However, to connect with viewers and present the new concept, we chose to visualise character as one of the most typical patients - a married, middle-aged lady who usually drives her car to the doctor visits.  Lady character represents the commitment to her health condition and well being, yet - a little irritation by the time she is wasting on the regular doctor appointments.

Entertain and Educate

Animated explainer videos - whether narrated by voice over artist or subtitles - inspire learning. Animations not only make the learning more exciting, it also improves the retention of your story. When animation appeals to multiple senses, viewers will most likely continue to watch it - animated characters are visually enjoyable and a relevant story makes it appeal emotionally too.