Disruptive payment method

Combining animation and video

It has never been as easy to manage your company spendings as now! Together with Level Up Pictures and Mikkel Bo Schmidt, Visuals created an explainer video presenting the new payment method on market targeting companies - virtual payment card by Tradeshift Go. Tradeshift explainer is a little different from other animations of ours - it is a combination between an animated presentation and a video footage covered with user interaction showcase. In such way, we present the concept behind as well as show how to use the actual platform.


Request, approve, pay

Tradeshif Go allows companies to manage expenses in a fast and easy way - by providing employees a virtual temporary payment card that can simplify everyday tasks by automatically providing all the information about purchases made. It saves a lot of time and provides all the flexibility needed. So get to know about Tradeshift Go by watching Visuals animation and start using it in minutes!


From  storyboard to final product

While 93% of businesses who use video believe that it has increased user understanding of their product or service, Tradeshift Go explainer had a clear purpose. It was important to do both - explain and create an interest in payments and spendings related product that is also new on market. During this project Visuals goal was to keep a close relationship with the client in order to provide a powerful and expectations outgrowing final product.

It is important to note that explainer videos are also a great way to present complex concepts, since it gives a chance to see the product in a simplified way. And what is really great - it works in all the different industries! So get in touch and make your idea shine!


"Dite and Agnė are major creative talents. They are wonderful to work with and deliver fast. Tradeshift worked with them to create a video introducing a new product and everyone loved the result. I would definitely recommend Visuals and work with them again."

Minqi Jiang - Tradeshift