What is an explainer video and why your business needs one?


Video content is booming – recent studies show that 1/3 of all online activity is spent while watching a video. Not using videos in your online marketing strategy is already causing your business to fall behind the competitors.

Explainer videos are a great tool to engage the potential clients and introduce them to your business. Keeping in mind that the average attention span of an internet user is considerably short, telling your story in 90 seconds or less can be just the thing you need, to convert your audience into potential clients.

To pinpoint few of the ways how explainer videos can benefit your business, we have collected some facts and stats in the colorful infographic below.




a Few Tips for an effective explainer video:


1. Define Video Style and Tone of voice

It is essential to choose a visual style that corresponds your brand identity and the message you want to convey.

2. Focus on the  Script

The story is the key element for a successful explainer video – make sure to invest the necessary time in creating a great script. To write a good script, remember to:

  • Explain a problem or struggle your potential customer may face;
  • Introduce your company, products or services;
  • Showcase the features;
  • Add call-to-action.

Keep the explainer script short.

The length of your explainer video may vary depending on the complexity of your service or business idea. Most explainer videos are 60-90 seconds long, which usually is enough time to tell a compelling story and explain any business idea without boring anyone.

 1-minute video is around 150 words.

3. Storyboard your animation

Break down your script and sketch it. Visualization makes it easier to share and explain your vision to others.

4. Choose a suitable video narrator

Choose a professional to narrate your script. Having a voice over that corresponds to the language of your target audience is very important. Always hire a native professional voice actor.


When it comes to video production


You can hire a professional

A graphic designer will be able to take you through the process of animation production and give you an advice in creating an efficient explainer video reflecting your brand identity.

Or use online tools

If you have a tight budget, you can try to create an explainer video yourself. There are several online tools for creating explainer videos, like MoovlyPowToon, etc. Many provide you with templates or possibilities to create your explainer video “from scratch”.